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AK's group 10" at 200m, guys "think"

scoped 11" CAR is "short ranged? It groups 5" at 200m. :-) It's also got a 500 fps speed advantage, and MATCH bthp's available for it, drop in match trigger job parts. etc.

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That's irrelevant, AKs aren't built for range, they're built to be soldier proof. Regardless, that group's still good enough to get you in the face...repeatedly.
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I believe that the term for the AK is "minute of bad guy".


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The 11" AR is short ranged. Not for lack of accuracy (although you WON'T be competitive, much less winning a service rifle match with one), but rather, the bullet falls below its reliable fragmentation velocity much too soon to give a good wound at much range.

Of course some people's idea of a rifle battle is at ranges of less than 100 yards, where the AK has plenty of accuracy to eat your lunch.

P.S. They don't kick hard either. . .
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Originally posted by Raider
I believe that the term for the AK is "minute of bad guy".

Good quote. Like I said, I can get 5" at 100 yards with Russian ball, but I can still hit a 3/4 Silouhette at 300 yards 8 time out of ten. The AK is a keeper. "Looks like crushed beer cans and orange crate, and shoots like star wars." Sorry, pictures do not come up. Sorry, it did come up!
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