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Old 12-20-2003, 11:19 PM   #1
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anyone have expierience with a black powder cannon?civil war re-inactors etc.i saw one at a re-enactment locally some years looked like it was made of bronze,fanciliy engraved and had a bore of about three inches.the guys firing it told me that it was based on a french design &,in fact, had been made recently in europe.kinda kool & one hell of a bang when it went off!
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Every once in a while at some of the gun shows I've been to there will be a dealer selling cannons. Heck, I wish I could remember where the last one was I saw them.

They would probably be fun to play with, but what exactly is the law concerning them? Can you have a blackpowder cannon without having it registered as a DD?
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according to the guys at the re-enactment all you need in michigan is a trailer hitch.and a trailer plate of course.
i'd love to see the looks on peoples faces behind that!
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i have a good friend who built a civil war era howitzer several yrs ago. i don't know what caliber it was but it shot a 1# lead ball. yes it was a lot of fun to play with. i have always wondered what that would have done to a car.

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If this works, check out:
They sell lotsof BP, Shotshell and Carbide cannon.
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Have a guy coming down from New York that sells cannons, I beleive he is gonna be doing the Cocnut Grove show at the end of the month.
Not excatly sure, so if anyone is interested I can find out for sure.


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