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I'm glad that you guys posted on this thread. It is nice to know that there are at least a few folks that choose to live in the Land of Reality.

Like N. B. Forrest said, you got to "git thar firstest, with the mostest."
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I have met Gary in person and I can vouch that he is in the military. And I can say he has a clue as to what he is talking about.

I have never met you and I can see you are misinformed about some of your tactical information.

I think you need to do your homework before trying to argue the points you have been. The rambling gets old.

Just my .02
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anyone ever wondered why they call it the fog of battle, its more like the air uncertainty
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Hey Dave, glad you found your way over here. Give me a call the next time you're in town.
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Fun guns vs survival. I have come to the conclusion that they are the same. In any kind of a fire/gun fight reliabilty is the key factor, and cav is right, if you don't train you can't win. I have only four calibers 44 mag, 45LC, 45ACP, and 45-70 in six guns. Two Ruger super blackhawks, two Win. 94's, a Ruger P-90, and a Browning 1885 for long range (400gr Barns-X at 1900 fps= 5 shot 6" group at 500yds).

All these guns are of proven reliabilty and easy to maintain, ammo in almost every dime store. These factors are what counts with me, not the actual power of the wepon, but the ability of the person using it, and if they have a plan that they have used before.

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Well let me see.

I think the arguement was something about using different calibers and not having to worry about sight picture because no one can hit a moving target. And the only time you have to worry about site picture is if the target is not moving and no one in war will be stationary. Everyone will be moving.

Then why shoot at all? why not just invite the enemy to come and have tea and crumpets and tell him the war is over because you could not hit him if he keeps on moving the way he does?

Yes most people move during a war.
But then again most people also stop to take cover.

Sorry sir but I do not feel you know what you are talking about.
I am not an 11 bang bang
I am a 91 kilo
But even as a lab rat.....I feel I know enough.

Would I shoot at a moving target?
1. Only if he was going straight at me and I have time to aim before he STOPS to take cover.
2. only to get him to STOP and take cover (if I happen to hit him...then lucky me)
3. Only if there were millions of them coming at me.....then I would put my m16a2 on burst and start shooting until my muzzle is white hot and I can see the bullets traveling the length of the barrel.
4. It really depends on the situation.
5. I have never been to war and neither have you so why speculate and be an armchair military man.

Would I shoot at a stationary target?
1. Hell ya. He can take cover all he wants. But as soon as he breaths funny....he is capped.

2. Sight picture is very important to me. Where Cav comes from he has to qualify twice a year. Where I come we only have to qualify once a year. But they always have other ranges for other companies and such. And you can bet your bottom dollar I try to qualify 3-5 times a year. I enjoy knowing I can hit that 300 meter target. I enjoy knowing my sight picture is always the same as soon as the wepaon is nesteled against my cheeck (muscle memory I guess) Unfortuanately I get so cocky in the begginning of the range and do real well......by the end I hardly take the time to aim. I only qualify with sharp shooter and can never get the extra shot needed for expert. I guess I gotta stop being so cocky.

anyway as I was saying. If people did not have to worry about sight picture....then the military should get rid of semi automatic on the weapons and just make sure everything has full auto. Because in the world you live in......it sounds like everyone can use and only uses full auto. It sounds like no one takes cover.

You make it sound like sight picture is not important and we should just spray the air with lead and hope we hit something.
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Unregisterd is known on other boards by many names. Do not play his games he is a convicted drug dealer with multiple felonies and will make this board hell if he stays.
Old 04-20-2004, 06:52 AM   #28

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u can hit that 300m target IF u aint

being shot-at, IF he's fully-exposed, and holding STILL, and IF you have ear protection, and IF he's dumb enough to be in such open country in daylight. Virtually none of that will be true if shtf. Guys will use thick cover or darkness, dodge or use cover, or they wont last a week.

I never said it's impossible to hit a mover. When it happens, it's LUCK beyond about 200m, if dodging, beyond about 400m, if just rambling along, nice and steady. less than 51%, when 2 possible outcomes are the case, is just LUCK. hit or miss is like heads or tails in a coin toss. So if you miss 5x 10 tries, the 5 hits are LUCK.
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Originally posted by Mos31
Unregisterd is known on other boards by many names. Do not play his games he is a convicted drug dealer with multiple felonies and will make this board hell if he stays.
Yep aka: GunKid, Blue-eyes, Metoo, TheMan etc. etc etc.....
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Goonkid here was in the military, a dog-handler MP whos only "combat" was beating his dog and peeing his pants because he was 150miles south of the Korean DMZ. By his own admission he's never seen combat and never been in a gunfight of any type, except when he gunned down his own foot. Keep that in mind while reading his "wisdom".

Oh I almost forgot. The master of evasion got caught several times by the police that he thinks are so stupid and got the battery stolen out of his car while sleeping in it.

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