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My Knives

The two I have found most useful are the Kershaw 1670blk, and the Schrade 6 inch "Old Timer". The Kershaw I carry as a clip on pocket folder handy a half dozen times a day. The Old Timer I've had for 20 years or so and I've field dressed, not skinned, at least a dozen Whitetails with it. Both blades sharpen easy and stay sharp. I don't carry a "Combat" knife since I don't plan on going into combat.
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My woods knives don't get much use at all lately. Been busy with running our business while simultaneously working to sell the business, my wife's health issues, helping my widowed mother in law, all kinds of just 'stuff' seems to eat up my time lately and I haven't spent much time at all in the woods in the last year or maybe longer.

When I was in the woods a bunch, my primary field knife was a Marbles Ideal, a large 8" limited-run version that was sold only through AG Russell quite a few years ago. My second favorite is a more expensive Fallkniven SK-6 Krut. It's got the best steel of any knife I own, VG10 outer layers laminated over Cobalt, and holds an edge that's just light-saber sharp. But the handle is a little small for my taste and as good as it is, it will probably never take the place of the Marbles.

Knives that I actually use nowadays are just three. A Spyderco Delica with the Emerson 'wave' opener on it is my normal-use pocket knife, since it's one of the few one-hand opening knives that works well for a left-hander. A B&D Executive Edge that has ridden in my shirt pocket for nearly 30 years now, and a recently bought Shivworks Clinch Pick. The clinch pick is a weird little knife that is sharpened on what seems to be the wrong edge, but it's well-suited for its intended purpose of emergency "get this thug - or feral dog - off me" use.

The Delica has very good steel; VG10 iirc. It holds an edge pretty well and takes an edge very easily. The B&D, I have no idea what steel it is. I mostly use it for opening mail, honestly. The Clinch Pick has some weird-name steel that is a pain to sharpen, but since I never use it at all for cutting chores, it doesn't have to be re-sharpened. It has a good edge on it - finally - and it rides unused in its little sheath six days a week.

On the combat knife thing, I see people open-carrying fixed-blade knives like Kabars & such, and (much like open carrying of a handgun), I think they should have the right to do so but I'm not joining them.
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I have a Benchmade assisted opener that is my every day carry knife. I keep a few multi-tools with knives in various bits of gear.

then I have my caping, skinning and deboning knives I keep in my kill kit for hunting.
I carry a Gerber LMF as a utility knife, and I have a larger one on my plate carrier. (which I was thinking of getting rid of before the ANTIFA / BLM crap started)

the Gerber is very handy for trail and camp related chores, where you don't need an axe or a hatchet. not the best knife out there, but the pricing was right.

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