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like saw, haftable potlid, leatherman,

for the BOB, but daily, all I bother with is a $2 Wally's folder cause I lose one several times per year. If that happened with a $300 knife I'd crap myself! :-) I keep several of them in the car, as well as a full tool box in the car. The BOL should of course have some buried tools: machete, axe, saw, rake, shovel, for basic gardening after things calm down again. But you have to know how to use such tools. There's books about that which belong scanned into your laptop. Ditto a lot of youtube vids, or at least, notes taken from such.

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Originally Posted by justme View Post
like saw, haftable potlid, leatherman, for the BOB...
What's a like saw and a haftable potlid?
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I like them. The saw can provide big wood for fire or implements. The Signal Multitool can cut lots of woven wire, which is seriouslly in the way almost everywhere you go. I simply made a 3/16" thick kidney-shaped lid, cold rolled, but flame hardened, piano hinged to the 2 qt arctic canteen cup. its hinge pins are a ferro rod and a diamond rod. so you've got your container, cutting instrument and cumbustion device all in one, The rolled up metallized poncho with removable hood, 2 drawstrings and velcro seams provides your cover, some cordage, and another container (or 3, depending upon how you use it) Wrapped around the cup is the gill-net/hammock, which will feed you, let you sleep up out of the crap, and can be parted out for fishlines, cordage, etc.

Add in a mini sawyer, some un-lubed condoms for carrying water,, a bit of medical kit, some "wettable"plastic sheeting (for transpiration bags and as the face of a supershelter, and you'll have a sub-5 lb kit that can handle a lot of 4 season problems and it will all look pretty innocuous to a cop. You could leave the edge of the cup lid just rounded and remove the muti-tool blade, if need ben. Make a false bottom for the cup and you can conceal the bow saw, knife blade and some fishhooks in the cup. Braid up some paracord for tying this kit to your belt, and replace the worthless bottle opener with a file blade.

The signal Leatherman comes with a whistle, a ferro rod, a diamond sharpener, a saw blade. and needle=nosed pliers. Tape to it a sail needle and dental floss, wrap some gorilla tape around the paracord carrying straps. Toss in a fire kit, hold the lid shut with a couple of blousing rubbers.

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