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see 1 of the 'alone" girls chop her thumb?

no reason for her to be splitting kindling, she had plenty. There's far safer ways to do it and she was running her yap to her cam, big no no when using a blade. She also had far more important things to be doing.

set the blade atop the wood and baton it. Other hand doesn't have to be anywhere near the action-interface. few of these people seem to have much experience, Mike was doing great but wussed out over missing his wife. must be nice to be able to throw away millions of $ WTF would these people DO if they had to go to war for 4 years, watching buddies die and get maimed every day?

these show-people should either be asleep, or doing something! making cordage, making nets, making bird or fish or crawdad traps, making grass mats, etc, All this laying around on your dead ass won't cut the mustard. Until such time as you've got 6 months worth of stored food, everything you do should be focused toward that goal, every day They are stupid about where they build their shelters, about the size of said shelter, and they are stupid about having fire around debris. They are too lazy/stupid to dig and use a latrine, to make and carry spear/gigs and digging/throwing sticks, as well as bolas. and slings and belts with which to carry such weapons.

they dont make containers. Even if you have to coal burn it, you can have a several gallon wooden container in one day. If there's bamboo, you can have many containers in a couple of hours. You've gotta be able to boil a day's supply of water in a couple of hours, so you have safe hydration after working, and are freed up to do other things.

you need pottery, in order to be able to store food out of the reach of insects and rodents. you need to mud up vs the bugs and the sun, and you need grass matts for sleeping and to wear vs the bugs/sun. I've never seen anyone make any. I've seen a few headgear and footgear, but rarely.

if a woman told me she was a vegan or would not share body heat, I'd tap out on the spot and save myself the agony

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