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Phil M was the "tough guy" around my school

and I happened to have bought a .45 that his brother had stolen from the Army (before getting kicked out, probably WHY he got kicked out) and he'd lost it in some weeds. Hid it when cop came driving past, walked on and then couldnt FIND it again. Brush fire made it visible, my cousin found it, sold it to me for $25, all rusted, in 1969. I had another one, paid $40 for it, had no ammo for either one for nearly a year! :-) I paid about $20 for the parts needed to repair it (retail to Colt) I was working for $1 an hour on a hog farm averaging 30 hours a week, altho no Sunday work. I"m 17, it's 1969.

My mom called to me one night, up the stairs, that I had visitors. Kid at the door said "Phill M wants to see you (out in the car) I'm CCWing my Roehm .38, but because I was dryfiring it, i had the cylinder removed. So I ran backupstairs and re-inserted the (loaded) cylinder and went out to the car. Phill's in the back. Dont remember (if I knew) who was driving. He tells me to bring him "his" .45. I lie and say that it's at the gunsmith's. It's actually upstairs, hidden in the one of the side-attics. Us kid's bedrooms were in the peak of the house.

Phill wants to know when I'll have it back, I say I don't know, smith is "accurizing it", triigger job, etc. (pure bs) Next day at school, I hear that he's gonna beat me down after classes. I say, very loud, in the study hall, scores of kids hear me. "He'd better forget about that, cause I'll kill him". Never heard any more about it. I would have, without a doubt.
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Geez, I bet you were one scary toddler!

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