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Pathfinder knife. $300+

to get a full tang and 90 degree angle, carbon steel blade. Old hickory butcherknife, $5 at a pawn shop, has a full tang, carbon steel blade and sharp corners. the corners are hard on your thumb when you do close carving, and meatcutting. Dave wants them for striking sparks, but you can do that out closer to the point, simply by holding the blade instead of the hilt. For another $5, you can have a small prybar, for when you want to be stupid and break your knife by prying with it. If you'll take 10 minutes to whittle a couple of hardwood wedges, you can baton/split wood all day, with no risk at all to your knife. With the $250 saved, you can buy a helluva lot of .22 ammo, 10c -per rd, so 2500 rds. This means you dont have to buy $500 worth of muzzleloader and $500 worth of stuff to go with it. :-)
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