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why are over half of COMPETITORS d class

and rarely rise any higher? I STARTED in A class, when IPSC started, from my performance at the Columbia conference. :-) My first year of competition, 1976, I won 3 matches in Columbia, after riding in a car 190 miles one way, but I got cheated out of one of them, the night shoot, cause of equipment failures.

The next year, I beat the "high .45 firer" from the world shoot (Raul Walters) 7 out of 9 times on his home range, after making that 190 mile drive. Man, when i didn't win, that was a LONG drive home. Mostly, I rode with somebody from St louis, the 130 miles to Columbia, but several times, I drove it alone. I often drove alone, same year, the same distance, to shoot up by Chicago. yes, I DO gaf about being fast and accurate while under pressure. I never did think it made a flip what a civilian could or could not do with a pistol beyond 25 yds and now I know that it doesnt make a flip what such a man can or can't do with a pistol beyond 25 FEET. :-) If you're a merc, you'd better keep a silenced M4 on your assault sling. but normal people just have no need of such performance, so a pocket pistol and super speed, inside 10 ft, is where it's at, realistically.
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Because of age and physical ability you would never make "A" Class these days. Besides IPSC is just a gun game these days, the principles that started the sport have been watered down so far because of 'Irrational People Squabbling Constantly' (IPSC), that it is only a game of the egotistical.

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