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SOG Seal Pup plus Sog Trident folder

Can't beat this deal!

Found a Sog Seal Pup with the, I guess, steel powder finsh and a Trident folder, both in one of the Sog nylon sheths, for just $29.95. That's a bit over 31 bucks with tax!

I looked over them very carefully. The Pup was mint. Could not find a ding in it and the logos and Japan markings are all there! And the Trident was 'tiger stripe' finish!

I don't think that shop knew what a SOG was cause that's dirt cheap.

Anyway I had an older Sog blade, a Northwest Ranger, with a 5 inch blade. Fit right in that Pup's sheith. So now I can get one of the fancy Kyndex Sog shieths for the Pup and use that Ranger and Pup sheith on my field belt which is a GI belt with two Assautsystems pouches and a GP-100. It's my favorite field kit.

And that's why I sniff around pawnshops! A year ago I ran into a EK scuba knife. 5 incher with sheith. $8... yes you read right, I paid eight dollars! It's my primary scuba knfe now.
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Cool find!

Several years ago I found an AL MAR SERE folder for around $30 like new but missing the box at a flea market.

The guy didn't really know what he had and bought it and someother knives at an estate auction.

I packed it for a few years, then put it in the safe and finally sold it for quit a bit more than I paid for it.

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