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How to Setup AR-15 for Hunting?

The Custom AR-15 is a better rifle in terms of hunting and sport shooting. Several Gun Builders have opted to personalize such guns for a better experience. They use a bunch of accessories to do the necessary process. Components such as lights, sights, slings, etc. can be changed according to our own. It is a perfect gun for those who are new to firearms. For a custom AR-15 build, you’ll have to start with the upper receiver. Such receivers are present in both stripped and barreled front. But using a stripped version gives you an edge as it is suited for hunting. The barrel has to be either 16, 18, or 20 inches. Among all of these, the 20-inch barrel is the right choice. The handguards are in free-floating and non-free-floating versions. Employ a free-floating handguard to achieve better results.
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IMO, as long as the game you're after is appropriate (size-wise) for taking with 5.56/223, the optic choice and ammunition choice are the most important considerations. There are some .223 loads that are fine for deer and there are some that would be a horrible choices for deer, but great choices for other things. I've taken deer with my old-school 16" CAR-15 with winchester's now-discontinued 64-grain PowerPointPlus load and a simple 1-4X Leupold scope.

Upgrades and accessories can be nice, but not always necessary. My newer gun does have the fancier things like free-float handguard, longer mid-length gas system (for smoother cycling & softer recoil impulse) and some other things, but the old one did fine when I was using it.
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Nope not in a long time. Used to use a Colt AR-15A2 with Sierra's 63gr Varmint bullet when coyote hunting in the woods and brush.
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the AR-15 doesn't limit you to .223 / 5.56 - 6.8, 300 blackout, the big bore 450, 458, etc.

I routinely use a suppressed AR-15 in .300 black out for hunting. Drops Javelina just fine.

I may use it on a coues deer hunt, they're a very small whitetail subspecies.

I use an AR in .223 to hunt coyotes - it's the perfect platform, especially suppressed.

for most other big game, I use a bow, so I'm not going to comment too much there. Though I do have a suppressed AR-10 that I love to shoot.

I'm a big fan of LPVO and red dot scopes.
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