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Browning HV HP

I was killing time in a Farm & Fleet store while my Wife searched out gourmet cat food and noticed some plastic boxes marked Browning .22 LR. I had heard of it, but never bought any. I grabbed a couple of hundred rounds and was surprised to see that these 40 Grain Hollow Points were marked 1435 FPS. 200 FPS faster than CCI Mini-Mags. That's pretty fast for any .22. Anyone ever shot these? Might be a good small game cartridge. I'll check them out in a 10/22 and Ruger MKII if it ever stops raining.
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never seen them before
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Here's what I read on a Rimfire board. The Browning high velocity .22's are made by Winchester, marked with the Browning logo. But the stated FPS was different, members stating their Browning HV was 1280 FPS as opposed to the stuff I bough which has 1425 FPS claimed. I shot five ten round magazines of the Browning HV HP and got at least one failure to extract per magazine, once I got three. I used two Bersa's a 223 and a T22. I then switched to a Ruger MKII and a Ruger SR22. Same thing, FTE. I switched ammunition to Winchester HV 36 Grain in the same guns and continued to get FTE's. I then tried Remington Golden Bullet's and CCI Mini-Mags in all four gun's which of course by this time would be considered at least slightly dirty. Two magazines through all four guns with both Remington and CCI used. No malfunctions at all. Not one. Although I was more interested in function than accuracy, all four rounds of ammunition had more than acceptable accuracy through the three short barreled pistols. The MKII could probably shoot .22 ammunition made in Haiti and still be accurate. I'm going to try out the Winchester and alleged Browning in a couple of rifles and see what happens.
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Woww Great, i have shot one crocodile in my firm with my rifle. Direct head shot
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Browning tried having Winchester make 22 ammo for them back in the early 70's and the same thing happened, blown case heads, duds, etc. I was living in S ILL at the time and the word from the plant employees in alton was that Winchester didn't want the competition from Browning, so they sabotaged the stuff, giving Browning a bad name.

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