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many ranches/farms have 100's of critters

no way that they can all be kept under one man's surveillance (at night) If one is lying down, and gets brained with a subsonic, silenced rd, a guy a mere 50m away wont know that it has occurred. :-) if the guy is up where he can see much of a distance, passive IR will spot him easily Even if there's a sandbagged set up and he's just peeking out of a firing hole, he can be shot at 100m or so, given luminous sights and night vision. A guy with plenty of .22 ammo could just start chest-shooting lots of the cattle. Wtf is going to be done about it, eh?nothing, that's what. the rancher is better off losing 2 hinquarters of one than having 30 of them just rot. think you're better off being snotty about it?
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I thought you were going to be hiding in the Spider Hole for a year. Now your going to be out sniping cattle? Aren't you going to be noisy butchering cattle? Who's guarding the hole? How are you going to jerk beef at night? Also, if you have ever butcherd anything that size your going to have blood all over and leave a nice trail back to wherever your going.
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Melvin, don't you hate it when someone uses common sense against your argument?
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Common sense is something Melvin will never have to worry about.

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