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Carp, The other white Meat?

I took my Son and his Father-in-Law out Carp shooting yesterday, and despite the poor timing, (Labor Day Boat Insanity) managed to boat roughly 90 lbs. of Carp. My Son got most of them, I'm truly poor at Bow Fishing as I do it maybe three times a year. It struck me as I tossed the carcasses in the woods that this would be a ready source of protein if prepared properly. The cost of gas was minimal, and the ammunition was retrievable. Also, I really doubt the rivers and lakes will run out of Carp anytime soon. The DNR say's one mature Female Carp can lay 1,000,000 eggs per season. Even if 1% survived to maturity, that's a lot of Carp!
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Sounds like a fishy story to me!!

Somebody had to say it.
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This is last years, I think. If you think it's a fish story, I'll mail you some.
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my wife's shih tzu caught one spawning. it was bigger than the dog. :-)

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