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Favorite hunting loads

Whatís your favorite factory load for hunting whatever you hunt in your area? I havenít hunted a whole lot the last 4-5 years, but hoping/planning in the near future for that to change. These arenít the loads I shoot the most by any stretch; just the loads I hunt with most.

The deer in our area are small and where I hunt thereís just no shooting past 80-100 yards, so I years ago I settled on the 64-grain PowerPointPlus .223 load from Winchester. A great performer that with a decent hit gives very good results; unfortunately discontinued now. One of these days when I run out of on-hand stock of it, Iíll have to switch to a new load for that caliber.

In .308, my little scouterized carbine likes the low-end remington core-lokt 180 grain. Itís a low-cost load but for whatever reason, the little 20Ē gun shoots right at 1 ó 1.25 MOA with that cheap load; which is about as good as any gun will do in my hands. And the size our deer are, any decent hit with most any decent load is more than adequate. When I was younger and more power-mad caliber-wise, I used to use Hornadyís ĎLight Magnumí series in it, as itís slightly more accurate out of this gun than the core-lokt and substantially more powerful; but dropped down from it after thru-&-thruíing a deer lengthwise one time with it. More than 3 feet of penetration thru the deer including front shoulder and rear hip bone impacts (deer jumped to run just as I shot) and the bullet still kept going. Decided that since I didnít need anywhere near that penetration on these things, Iíd save my money and shoot the cheaper stuff that frankly drops them just as solidly.

In rimfire, Iíve had surprisingly good results with remingtonís 36-grain subsonic non-plated HP load. In my bolt-action, itís just crazy accurate ó like MOA accurate ó out to 50-70 yards, and even thru my CAR carbine Iíve taken small critters with it out to 50-60 yards; albeit with body shots on those. For a non-premium rimfire load, itís been pretty good to me.
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180 Grain Remington Soft Point for Whitetail. I have used Hornady Soft Points in a BSA 7MM Magnum, but prefer the Browning BAR for large Deer. I get the Squirrel bug a couple times a year and use .22 CCI Mini-Mag HP's or Solids in a Ruger 10/22 with a 3X9 'scope. I go for head shot's, but not always possible. Shotgun's for Birds.
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I gave up hunting in '86, when I discovered how much fun shooting competition was.
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I like the Remingtons also

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