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why bother with M1A

if it can outshoot a scoped, silenced m4, it costs 3x as much (when both are scoped and have a bipod) An extra $1500, and for what? A match upper on the AR, for $500, will let it beat the M1A at the BE matches and the shorty barrel will let the AR beat the M1A at combat matches, even if you DO let them cheat and use ear protection. :-)

308 is a dangerously overpenetratative, richocheting load to be using on varmints and a complete waste on small game, fish, birds, livestock, all of which the subsonic 60 gr .22 Aquila handle with BB gun quietness, rapidfire, 30 rd mag. 308 ammo costs more than 223. The M1 aint concealable, if you rapidfire it or even take the stock off of the match grade m1a, you ruin the fiberglass fit of the action and barrel to the stock. If you get something in the barrel of the m1A, you can;t push it out from the rear, as you can with the AR. The shorty AR, silenced, is still a handy tool. you need a 20" barrel on the 308 in order to have a PRAYER of out reaching the M4. and you need 10" of silencer on it to make it as quiet as the 10.5 " 223 and 7.5" of silencer, too. 15lbs of scoped, silenced, 30" of cumbersome, bipoded, loaded, awkward M1a, vs 6.5 lbs 18" of lw, handy, scoped, silenced AR. Which one is more likely to always be in hand or on the assault sling, hmm?
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Personally preference. After all it is OUR money, not yours. We spend it to enhance OUR shooting pleasure.
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Sometimes it is fun to reach out an touch something.
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AR's beat M1A's at 1000 yd matches these days, Joe. How far you need to reach? you have to drive 40 miles just to get 500 yds, and you can't get that if the fields east of the club are planted in corn. :-) Why can't you get closer? guys manage to shoot, or nearly shoot, presidents at 20 ft or less. If 400 bodyguards can't prevent THAT, wtf can keep you from getting inside 300m (at night)? Nobody, that's who. What's the rush? why can't you slip up on him, eh?
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Once again, because shooting isn't inherently about sneaking up on somebody and killing them. I've shot probably a quarter-million rounds in my life, and exactly zero of those rounds were used in "sneak & snuff" murders.

But that's just me; I have no idea how you spend your weekends...
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Why do you want to shoot 400lb. guards?
Know what a AR will do, know what a NM M1A will do, have both an shoot both, enjoy both.

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