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have hit several rabbits, squirrels, 100 yds

or so with match grade 22 handguns. Once I told a guy it was to be a temple shot and I pulled it off, too. Rabbit jumped straight up and fell over instantly.

after a couple of misses on a chuck at 70 yds with 2" Smith j frame 22 kit gun, hit a chuck. We could hear the impact. :-) He was standing up, facing me, flipped over backwards at the hit, then ran into his hole.
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I've taken steel gophers at 75 yards with .22 Kimber conversion kit on my Series '70, during a Steel Gopher match, so what? Whens the last time you shot a sanctioned match of any type? But to you IPSC is reality, to the rest of us it is a game and your fantasy. Children have fantasy's, adults don't. Does "wifey" check under the bed at night and scare the boogy man away for you?

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