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slowfire, 2 handed, unsupported, skill?

say at 25 yds, all guns considered herein this paragraph and the next, 5 shot groups. With a heavy barreled, match .22 , iron sights, a 2" group is pretty good, but 1" can be done, at least, now and then especially with a scope on the pistol.

with a skinny 4" barrel . 2" at 25 yds is excellent shooting. Ditto a full sized belt gun centerfire. With a pocket gun, more like 4" for the centerfire, 3" for a .22, such as the TPK. I don't consider the PP to be a pocket gun, but in 22lr, they can deliver 2.5" from the Weaver.

closer ranges, the hits tend to wipe out your aiming point, especially at 10 yds with the .45. So to get really small groups, your POA has to be at least 1" off from your POI. With a lw commander .45, at 10 yds, if you are really good, the center to center measurement, widest apart of 5 hits, should be under 1".

Indoors, with iron sights, the poor lighting tends to open up your groups. So can the wind, (moving YOU, not the bullet) outdoors. Sun glare from one side will do the same thing.

one shot per penny, try taping pennies to your paper target at 10 yds and shooting at them with your defensive pistol. if you can hit 4 for 5, with a centerfire belt gun, you are a fine slow fire shottist. If you can get 3 for 5 with a centerfire pocket gun, you are world class. If you can't hit 5 for 5 with a .22lr match gun, you're in a bad way, cause that sort of gun makes this dead easy, using two hands, even with just iron sights.

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What are you Hunting? Pennies?

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