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A slingbow= deer, livestock, dogs, men

A pump up 22 pellet rifle can brain men at 50 ft. and handle the smaller critters to 30 yds or so.

Canterbury had a great idea. Epoxy a golf tee into the back end of arrow's tubing, and you'll be able to draw it back with the regular slingshot pouch. Then, for stuff like frogs, snakes, birds (at night, with a light) lizards small fish, you dont have to risk smashing up your arrows. Instead, use rocks. If you know how to "load" the pouch and the shot it sat 4 yds and less, the success ratio is acceptably high enough to risk your stalking/waiting calories. Use flu-flu fletching on birds and small game, and have slip on, rubber fletches for your fishing arrows.

So a .22lr rapidfire rifle will be attainable, altho you might have to take a Mosin or shotgun first. The silencer for the .22 rifle can be pre-made, and cached, along with the gear needed to shorten the barrel, counter-bore and tap the muzzle. Either a battery drill with solar charger, or a breastplate for an egg beater type of hand drill. Hacksaw, square, file will suffice to shorten the barrel.

So, even if you aint yet old enough to buy a longarm legally, much less have a legal silencer, there ARE ways to lay aside some useful gear and they do not involve breaking the law.

When 1 or more 3/8" fine thread bolts are found, with .235" holes bored thru them lengthwise, by themselves, not on your property, with no prints or DNA and nothing else in the package, it will mean nothing. Ditto finding some screenwire rectangles, , or the kit for compressing the screenwire into the donut shape of the baffles. No intent to violate any law is provable, no 'owner" findable. They will be scattered about, buried, but "findable" if shtf. Same with a threaded barrel, of course, once you can legally own a proper .22. If one such product got made and destroyed within minutes of the proof testing, that's pretty low risk, too, actually. :-) Some even have the effrontery to cache the entire thing, on an enemy's property. A REALLY malevolent guy might include some crack cocaine and call the cops on the enemy, too. :-)

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Originally Posted by nikto View Post
...cache the entire thing, on an enemy's property. A REALLY malevolent guy might include some crack cocaine and call the cops on the enemy, too. :-)
Some of us actually don't have any enemies that we'd be interested in dishonestly framing for a crime they didn't commit. Not denying there's bad guys out there - the existence of bad guys is a big part of my livelihood. But enemies that I'm looking for ways to frame for things? No.

Seriously John, some of these come across about like a list of "14 ways to be an asshole" or something...
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