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can't imagine not hitting 5 enemies, sniping

at less than 100 yds, with a silenced autorifle and subsonic ammo. From a braced firing position, yo can hit 2, maybe 3 before the group even knows that they are being fired upon. Since they wont know where you are, they will be "hiding " on the wrong side of cover, and you should be able to hit a couple before they can do anything but drop prone. If you have any smarts, you won't have opened-up on them when dropping prone gives them any cover from you, or if they are closer than 5 yds to the nearest cover. Naturally, you first shoot the ones closest to cover.

If you're smart, you do this at or near dusk, letting you slip away in darkness. Repeat this performance 2-3x and a pretty large group, up to 50 armed adults, is not going to want to share the same square 20 miles with you. Even a "mere" .22 bullet, out to 100m, in your torso will mean death if shtf. It might take a week for the infection and fever to actually stop your heart, but you'll be a goner from the first second of being hit. Everyone will know that, so your looter buddies will just abandon or kill you and take your stuff. a silenced .22lr auto, with subsonic 60 gr Aquila rds, is no joke, in the hands of a man who knows what to do with it. If they are dumb enough to sit around a fire at night, with one man standing watch, you can climb a tree, brain the sentry and put a bullet into a dozen sleeping bags before they can do anything about it. 25% casualties is a HELLUVA blow for any group to sustain and maintain combat viability. Inflicting 50% casulties, in a few seconds, is almost guaranteed to ruin them as a combat-effective group, for days, if not forever.

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