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Large Whitetail Minimum

Northern Whitetail Deer easily go over the 150lb. mark, some Bucks 220lb. I've shot Deer with .223, (once) 7.62X39MM. .30/06, and 7MM Magnum. The .223 just does not carry the punch needed to humanely take the larger Whitetails. Sure, it will kill, but you may track one for miles despite a good hit. The 7.62X39MM SP round has proven adequate up to 150 yards or so beyond that is iffy. The .30/06 will always be my preference. I've shot a couple dozen Whitetails with the 180 Grain Remington SP and the farthest one ran was 80 yards. The 7MM Magnum is very good, but seems to tear up more meat.
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when you shoot them in the eye socket or ear hole, a .22lr rifle suffices.
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I've used .223 on deer with great results, but our deer down here are small and ammo options are awfully good nowadays. If hunting the big michigan deer from my childhood - or if using ammo from back then either - the .223 wouldn't be near the top of my list.
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I had a Remington M788 in .308 for 14 years, bought it in 1979, fantastic rifle. For a 5 year period i used to put a 1000 Canadian 7.62mm Ball through it each year. After 5 years it still gave groups of 1 1/4" at 100 yards.

I shot my bragging shot with a Remington M788 fitted with a Bushnel/Banner 4x scope fitted with a BDC. I was using Remington 150 grain Core Lokt. I was hunting on the prairies and only able to get within 450 yds. I got into the prone, snuggled up to the stock, dialed into 450 and gently squeezed. 6 pointer mulie buck, 1 shot, heart shot! He went straight down. I never started out hunting season unless I had fired a minimum of 200 rds in practice for that year.

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.22 hole in both lungs means death. It's just a question of how soon and how far they run. 3006 sps and 12 ga slugs have let deer run 50 yds or more. Jim Carmichael, in his book, The Complete Book of the Rifle, said he broke the near shoulder of a deer, quartering shot, about 200 yds, with a 338 sp, it turned and ran, and he hit it again, breaking the other shoulder. deer kept running for a ways, I forget how long he said. The bullet wounds formed an "x" in the deer's chest, massive organ damage, shock, etc. Nothing is perfect. You can up the odds, but that's all you can do, short of braining them.

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