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set up 40 traps, snares, gill nets, weirs, trotlines

set up in 4 circuitous routes, like petals of a clover leaf, and you will always have flesh food. You need never get all that far from "base" to do it, either. An hour's trot, at most. that means a circle with 5 mile radius, which means 78 square miles of territory. If you can't get plenty of food in that much area, you need to move your base camp. If you keep your eyes peeled and a silenced autorifle ready as you run your nets and traps, you'll get chances to score, while not wasting effort, and without running off the game or calling in your killers.

Assuming, of course, that there is any game or fish or wild edible plants LEFT, which there won't be, a month or 2 after shtf.

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