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he he


number of sheep in USA

number of cattle


60 million pigs

number of horses


number of goats


number of chickens


and you "think" that elk, moose and bear are what you need to provide the ability to take, if shtf? :-) 223 softpoints take deer, pronghorn and wild hogs just fine, and the .22lr can do the job, too, inside 25 yds, with head shots and such critters CAN be baited in. Archers take pronghorns by using pit blinds, next to the only water source in many square miles.

22 rifle can drop horse, cattle, etc, with brain hits, and such critters will let you walk right up to them, especially at night. With your family's LIFE at stake, you'd go look for an elk or moose? :-) if so, you're a JOKE, man.
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if my pov is incorrect, speak up, SHOW me how i"m wrong. You CANT, cause these ARE the numbers and the critters are NOT hiding in the woods, running 40 mph, etc. if shtf, you CAN jerk a year's supply of flesh food in a week or so, and use nothing more than a silenced .22lr autorifle. In fact, you could do it with a bola and a spear to finish off the critters after you down them. So much for the "value' of a 308 for shtf needs. :-) so much for the shotgun, too.

If shtf, those critters ARE going to die, from lack of water, (no pumps, no electricity) from starving dog packs running them, from lack of feed, OTHER people poaching them, etc. If you'd let your family starve rather than just beat others to the (otherwise wasted) animals (and feed/grain). well, you're not much of a provider.
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average weight of deer


no range of weight for whitetails! ? why? cause 150 lbs is NOT average, not by a long shot.

55 lbs of meat from a deer.


30 million deer in US


you'd need 4 lbs of venison per DAY if you are even half assed active.

https://www.fatsecret.com/calories-n...onamount=1.000 and once they are being run by the dog packs, they will lose ANY fat that they have and if it's cold and shtf, you'll need more like 6 lbs of venison per day. So a deer will feed you for at best 10 days, if that's all you have for food. and there's MANY times more livestock than deer. and they are a LOT easier to catch. :-)

there's 50 million each dogs and cats in the US, too. that's a lot of meat, and a lot of animals hunting the game and killing the livestock.
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so my point is proven

a silenced .22lr auto rifle, with subsonic ammo, and luminous sights, CAN feed you just fine. There is zero need of a .30 bore for shtf foraging. and such guns are a major handicap for fighting, too, as I have illustrated many 1000's of times over the years. A 223 auto MIGHT be of some help, now and then, if it's concealable and "wearing" a silencer and IF you are highly skilled at getting fast hits with it. but for well over 90% of the population, they'd better just stay hidden and very, very quiet, if shtf. If they do that, the silenced .22lr autorifle will suffice. If they DONT do so, then it's most unlikely that any sort of armament will save them. CAuse they are just too damned dumb to make it.

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