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when I had the cut down M52 Win

it had a Kenyon Set trigger in it, no safety. it was a MATCH single shot, so the designer of the trigger assumed no safey was needed. If you're not shooting, the rifle is left with no ammo in it.

I was hunting with this 19" barreled gun, driving the back roads E of Litchfield, As I approached a small bridge, I saw a crow fly across the road, with his wings "set" for landing down in this little stream. The rifle was beside me in the car, windows down for "quick" shots, and it was warm weather anyway.

as I stopped for the shot, I got a little hasty with turning down the bolt handle. the set trigger was very light, and I dunno if I got a finger on it or not, but a .22 rd went down into the floorboard.

Joe, did you know me when I had that yellow 318 dodge? I put the .45 thru the fender of that one. I was riding the hood, with my little brother driving, practicing for a match in Columbia, wherein we'd be firing from the back of a moving pickup truck. I was holding onto the pivot of the windshield wiper. Russel drove between some of the silohuettes, instead of alongside of all of them and I thought I could lean over and get both of them anyway, and I nicked the top corner of the fender, sort of, with an exit hole in the side of the car. Never occured to me that I"d better bondo the hole and paint over it, in case a cop noticed, even tho I was feloniously ccwing all the time. sheesh
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Why are you using Armslocker to talk to your imaginary friend? If he was real, wouldn't you just e-mail him to talk about old times?
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Hey John, if waited for that dumb **** to post something this site would die.
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to which dumbass do you refer, Joe.

as to terry gump, why don't you ask Joe?

i can assure you, Joe is not me. :-) We have many common interests, but I'd never bother to own all the guns he has. My wife is ready to pay him to try out all that he has ammo for, tho. :-)

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