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find a small pond,

use shovel to trench down thru the dam, starting from the rear, of course, and drain the water down to 1-2 feet deep, and you'll easily be able to harvest every fish in it. if you'll set up to watch it at night, you'll be able to silently shoot gators, beaver, muskrat, snapping turtles, etc, as they try to escape, and also shoot dogs, cats, coons, etc, that come try to steal your fish.

when you pull out all the stops, getting flesh food aint all that hard, folks. but if you're stuck on legalities, you'll starve. when you snare deer, hogs, cattle horses, elk moose and bears, you get a lot of meat, quickly and easily. Ditto baiting them in, using flashlight at night, NVD goggles, passive IR scanner, etc. when you poison or trap coyotes, fox, etc, and shoot raptors, you'll have many more small critters to eat yourself. Coons, dogs, cats, and possums eat a lot of eggs, so do snakes. If those critters are killed, many more small critters survive to feed YOU.

treble hooks, properly baited, can catch ground hogs, coons, possums, dogs, cats even turkeys. A horrific way to do biz, but effective.

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