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google for ultralightweight camping

they will give you a good list of gear. I go with a couple of tyvek bivvies, modified with velcro seams. an SOL escape bivvy, velcro seams, a heated bubbled tyvek bag liner, and a hammock made by overlapping some monofilament gill nets. Roll up this stuff and it becomes a pack frame, so that a 1.5 lb daypack will suffice to carry the total load. with the bob set up, 5 of the 40 lbs is body armor, and 6 lbs is the rifle in your hands, and 1.5 lbs is the pistol and spare mag in your pants pocket. the .22 unit is in a thigh pocket, and the scope is in a hard case on your belt. Leave room in your pack for the disassembled AR ,spare mags, and the scope case.
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Honestly I have always believed that each of us in different geographical locations have different requirements for a BOB. A BOB in Vermont will have different requirements that one required in Arizona. Honestly it is my belief that a BOB that weighs only 25 lbs has limited use that would probably be for 3-4 days of summer use and would not carry the equipment required for extensive 4 season use. Example boots that you require in Arizona in January would be of a far different construction than ones you would require in Montana during the same month.

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