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ever last one of you is certain

that you can reliably hit a 50m man somewhere on his torso, while he's shooting at you. The same thing applies for the 10" vitals circle at 50 ft. If all this is so, geometry proves, then , that you MUST able to reliaby hit the 6x8" head at 30 ft and the 4" circle of the brain at 20 ft. Since it's quite rare to have to fire,even more rare to have to hit anyone, and even more rare to have to hit the vitals, why worry bout stopping power with chest hits? People CAN bend sidewys, crouch, jump and make hitting their chests just as they can with their heads. The heart is no bigger than the brain and other parts of the head being it, with a poweful load, are very debilitating. It's very, very rare for the civilian to have to hit more than one man or do so at more than 30 ft of distance. So why worry about small groups or what your bullet does to the chest. shoot them in the head. If you dont agree that you can do so, you also can't hit the torso at 50m or the vitals at 50 ft. you cant have it both ways. What it comes down to, is you aint nearly as fast or accurate as you think you are.

When people use cover, their heads are about the only mark that you get (if they know anything). if you can't hit the head when he's fully exposed, WHY would you fire at a head that's bobbing around cover? You are responsible for where every bullet lands, even if it's richochet. So you dont need the accuracy to pull head hits around cover. What you need to do is move laterally, TO cover. of your own! All the noise is bringing help for you and prison for him. He'll have to flee or charge your cover. When he charges,you'll kill him. If he's seen you peeking around cover, at different places, each time,arms out, parallel to the ground, he knows that, so he's going to flee. When you only expose yourself for 1/2 second at a time, just one eye, his chances of being able to hit you, even with a shotgun and bird shot, are basically zero. his chances of hitting you as you move to cover are less than yours were of hitting him cause he NEVER practices. So skip the concerns about being able to group better than 10" at 10m and learn instead to MOVE swiftly and ccw drawand hit even more swiftly, at 10 ft.

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Old 11-19-2020, 10:17 PM   #2
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Melvin, did anyone teach you about the difference between cover and concealment? History has shown that most conflicts are within 200 yds not 30. Personally I live on the bald ass prairie, many of my friends that hunt annually have chosen a .338 Lapua for a reason, the big bad animals don't hide in spider holes. In my case I'm sure that if I hit a preditor with a 165 grain .308 diameter bullet anywhere, that preditor is down for the count or at the minimum out of the fight. The difference between you Melvin and the rest of us that we maintain that perishable skill called marksmanship, where you don't. So Melvin, you even lack credibility when you say you have knowledge of our shooting skills.
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So sometimes his rants just take care of themselves without adding much at all.
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Melvin is no real marksman, never has been. All his bragging is about shooting an opponent at 3 to 10 feet with a handgun or under 100 yards with a rifle. He argues all the time that anything past 10 yards is impossible with a handgun. He always recommends putting in your ear plugs before engaging in a fight.
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So, Boati, describe any firefight you’ve ever actually been in.

How many times have you been on the two way range?

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