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7.5 FK caliber

Anyone have any experience with the 7.5 FK caliber? I'm not looking to get into it, but happened upon a couple youtube videos on it, and it looks interesting.

I'm not big on exotic or hard-to-find calibers (it took me years even to try the .300 blackout, as objectively good as it is), but the fact that this gun also comes with a conversion to either 10mm, .40S&W, or 9mm (with +P+ rating in 9mm) is a big plus in its favor imo. The original gun was over-built about like a Sig 210 and was ludicrous price-wise at $7000 or so. They’ve now apparently come out with a much less expensive polymer version, still retaining a supposedly good single-action trigger. The original gun was a little heavier than a 1911, but the new one is substantially lighter than the original and a little lighter than a 1911.

In its 7.5 chambering, it’s launching a 95-grain solid copper hollow point at a little over 2000 fps, or 865-890 ft/lbs.

Supposedly its niche was originally for low profile executive protection & such, where you might need to reach out to near rifle distances in response to a threat, but want a lower profile than can be had if carrying carbines around with you. Even the sights are an almost AR style peep, allegedly regulated for a 100 yard zero; with the bullet still running 1500-1600 fps at that distance.

Again, not really at all thinking about getting one or anything, just curious if anyone has used one or read up on them much. While the caliber itself might be all whiz-bang & glorious, I see the ability to use more common 10mm or 9mm in it as the main thing that could be a positive factor for success in the private citizen market. And coming with barrel & magazines for 10mm means it might also be able to run some of the offshoots of 10mm like 9x25 & others. Again, I'm not eager to run to uncommon calibers like that, but it could be a pretty capable setup with the high-end calibers, yet still cheap to shoot with the 9mm, 10mm, .40, etc if a person were so inclined.
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Lately I have noticed a number of U Tube videos comparing it to .22 TCM. Both look interesting, but seeing that I live in a small city, neither of the 2 gun stores would entertain the idea of bringing in much stock, if any at all. Plus truth be told, the thought of reloading bottle necked pistol cartridges, has become a pain for me. The shooting disciplines that I currently participate in require only standard cartridges. I got into .400 CorBon about 18-20 (?) years ago because shooting bowling pins was a big thing back then, no longer so. I find I no longer have a use for them.
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a high velocity rd doesn't increase your grouping ability under stress. A .45 reaches 100m just fine, using 165 gr loads at 1200 fps. A 1500 fps 9mm 90 gr jhp load is of course even flatter. It might be that this 7.5 load is AP on concealed vests up close. But I otherwise see no niche for it, especially in a high $ gun. have to buy mags, dies, holsters, mag pouches etc for it. Since I know how to get 2000 fps out of a 9mm with very little trouble, I'm personally not interested at all. even if it was free. Too much hassle for the ammo, mags, carry-gear, etc. Probably comes with no luminous sights, too.
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Melvin, IF, I repeat IF the "balloon goes up", there will be very few people worrying about body armor. Its time to change the fantasy and find reality.
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