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her coach said that for 1.5 sec, 25m draw and hits

he can't find the front sight worth a hoot at that speed but he gets hits on the torso anyway. That sort of performance is why he's so adamant about not messing around with anything but the guns he's trained so much with. It's hard to argue with that, when he only shoots once a month. :-) Only top hands can match such speed and accuracy. He can do it with the P938, too. That little gun is amazingly easy to shoot well
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Again, her coach is an idiot! On the battlefield during a war you might get off without using your sights, but I'll bet you a 6 pack of beer that if you ever end up on trial for accidently shooting someone and you tell the judge that you never used the sights, your goose is cooked. Reality Melvin, not fantasy, none of us are taking a trip to Mogadishu real soon.

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