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Old 09-30-2020, 11:24 AM   #1
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In my recent purging of numerous unused and/or unliked guns and replacing with a smaller number of ‘better’ ones, I picked up an HK P30-SK 9mm. Never have owned an HK before this; have never even used an HK before that I recall other than an MP5K submachine gun.

This particular purchase was for carry purposes, wanting to go to a more old-school DA/SA style and get away from the more modern & tacticool striker-fired guns (mostly glocks) that I’ve carried since the late 90’s. Glocks functionally work fine, but just never really liked them. Didn’t like the grip angle or the weird ‘sproingy’ trigger either one, and the absence of both a manual safety and external hammer made them worrisome to me when reholstering. As you watch the various videos of glocks going off in someone’s holster, simply ask yourself “was the trigger partially pulled without the wearer’s knowledge as he was reholstering?” The answer is always “yes”; in every case I’ve seen. While carrying glocks for years (including iwb) I did address the reholstering concerns via a Tau SCD which gives feedback the way an exposed hammer would if something starts pulling the trigger, but without the Tau I simply won’t IWB a glock at all. To each his own; that’s a different conversation.

With this hammer-fired gun, simply keeping your thumb on the hammer when reholstering — which pretty much everyone that I knew used to do before glocks came along — eliminates that issue completely.

Regardless, as I was looking into the CZ P01, CZ Rami, and several other options, the P30-SK just appeared on the shelf of the small local gun shop and I immediately liked it. It’s a compact version of the P30 full-size gun, and uses either 10-, 13- or 15-round magazines. It came with a flush-mount 10 and a 10 with a pinky extension, and to experiment I ordered one each 13-rounder and 15-rounder to see how each of them fit and functioned. With the 10’s, the grip is much like a Glock 26, functionally fine, but smaller than I like. With the 15’s, it was still fine, but the hump was just not perfect. With the 13, it was one of those “oh my gosh, where have you been all my life” moments; just literally ideal. It fit like it had been custom-molded for me and at that point the decision of which magazine to use was made. With the slightly-extended 13-round magazine, there is the issue of the magazine wanting to not quite drop free when empty, due to being against my hand. This is the same as I’ve encountered with the G26’s when using grip adapters to use G19 mags & magpul 12-round magazines, and with the Kahrs using extended factory magazines; so not a huge deal there.

It does have some oddities. Instead of a pushbutton magazine release that we’re used to, its mag release is at the edge of the trigger guard. It was surprisingly quick & easy to learn and it turned out to be pretty much a non-issue after a little familiarization.

The oddest thing turned out to be something that I really like. Instead of a typical slide-mounted pivoting decocker like Beretta, S&W, Walther and similar use, it’s a simple pushbutton/paddle mounted on the back of the slide next to the hammer. Sounds odd & hard to visualize, but it’s simple and if you shoot right-handed it’s right there convenient to your shooting hand’s thumb.

One thing I don’t like is the extended & ambidextrous slide stop/release. It’s crazy long and I had to consciously change my grip to avoid keeping it from activating when empty. A lot of guys hold a gun with their thumbs pointed up, but having grown up on 1911’s, I tend to keep my shooting thumb down low (as resting on a 1911 safety), and my left thumb inline with it, basically paralleling the barrel. With this gun’s crazy long slide stop, doing that keeps it from rising up. Not a huge thing, and they do make more normal-sized slide stop levers that you can change it out to. I may do that sometime, but haven’t yet.

Other than the slide stop lever, the only thing I’d change about the gun if I could would be to make the grip slightly longer so it took a 13-round magazine flush-fitting instead of with a slight extension on it. I may also change the sights eventually, but that’s a personal-preference thing. The stock sights are perfectly serviceable, and substantially better than glock factory sights.

In addition to its grip being so perfectly shaped (for me at least), its trigger is just phenomenal; better than any revolver I own; including my one S&W Performance Center revolver. It’s a DA so it’s inevitably kind of long; but it’s shorter than most revolvers, and it’s like pulling wet ice across wet ice — just incredibly smooth.

My favorite carry holster is the T-Rex Raptor, which they don’t offer for this gun, so instead I ordered a Dara SlickSide for the first time and am completely happy with it. It honestly may become my new favorite once I use it some more.

Overall, am extremely happy with it. With the increased level of mob dumbassery going on in society today, I decided to temporarily upgrade from my little G43 to this higher-capacity gun for carry use, but if it keeps being as comfortable as it has been so far, it may become a permanent thing.

With the 13-round magazine & Dara holster (note the insanely long slide stop lever):
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Old 09-30-2020, 02:19 PM   #2
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I have a VP-9, which I really like. uses the same magazines as the full size 30.

Same paddle magazine release in the trigger guard. I really like it, now that I've used it a while.
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I'm not adverse to carrying full size handguns as concealed carry gun carrying the Colt Series 70 for almost two decades and the CZ 75b, 97b, and Glock 21. Still, I find myself carrying the CZ P01 or 75 Compact most often. I have decided the Hellcat, fine gun that it is, and IWB is not for me. I admit to never even handling the HK P-30SK, but it seems to be along the same lines as DA/SA Compacts that I find the best all around CCW guns. I have no problem with the trigger safety striker fired guns but I personally know one LEO that got "Glock Leg" when returning his G21 to the holster after a stressful car stop. It does happen. Good luck with your new carry gun, John. Might I ask what ammunition have you been using? I'm still using the Remington 124 Grain Plus P Golden Saber.
Old 10-01-2020, 10:26 AM   #4
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I actually picked up a CZ P01 around the same time as the P30-SK, but haven't carried it near as much yet. I had just started carrying the HK a little before getting the CZ and want to give it some more wear time before experimenting more. But really like the P01; after all the years of glocks, M&P's and polymer Kahrs I really like using a metal-frame gun again.
Old 10-02-2020, 06:54 AM   #5
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I've been eyeing a CZ but more of the target than carry one. But I've got other priorities that need putting back to the forefront.
Still it's tempting can't recall the model number but it's a full slide to frame SA only double stack 9mm that I'd about call competition for the Sig P210.
Old 10-02-2020, 08:13 AM   #6
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Originally Posted by Terry G View Post
...Might I ask what ammunition have you been using? I'm still using the Remington 124 Grain Plus P Golden Saber.
Terry - I got distracted by a phone call when responding yesterday & left this out, sorry about that. When I switched to this gun, I also went to a different carry load in it; winchester's Q4429 load, which I'm fairly sure is just a contract-run version of their RA9T load loaded in brass cases instead of nickel-plated cases.

I've historically carried light, fast bullets in 9mm, as the one animal I had to take with 147 jhp was a disappointment. But that was Federal's very old Hi-Shok 147 load that probably dates back to the 80's if not the 70's, and modern ones are very much advanced relative to the stuff from 30 or even 20 years ago.

I'd been looking for a decent subsonic for use in a 9mm AR pistol, and so tried this Q4429 partly based on the Ammo Seek tests of the RA9T. Haven't used it for taking any game or nuisance animals yet, but it functions 100% thru the three guns I've tried it in. I'm also intrigued by Federals HST in the same weight bullet, and once the world gets back closer to normal I may try some of that as well. But for now, I only bought a half-case of the Q4429 and have shot probably 300 of the 500 rounds; about 200 of it thru the P30-SK. So now that I know I can trust it functionally, I plan to just stick with it while things are so stupid & chaotic; will probably try the HST eventually.

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