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re-worked a kydex rig for proper grip at contact

had a lot of kydex in the way of establishing a full grip with the gun still in the rig. getting rid of that required re-doing one of the mounting brackets, but now that sob is FAST. Had to change how fast the weak hand came up to catch the right hand. Times in the .60's are dead easy on 10" gong at 10 ft. However, since none of the timers have a true random start, So, probably "jumping' an average of .05 second or so. When have wifey start the sequence, reaction, draw and hit times run in the low .70.s, starting hands at sides.

Arganbright once commented that one COULD be faster for a hip point if one didn't drive the drawing hand forward down on the grip safety and then also drive the gun forward for the shot. Could just scoop the gun up with a rearward move and fire the gun as it cleared the holster. However, since not going to only be shooting wax ammo, not a viable idea. Live ammo firing, drawing like that, is a crazy risk to be taking. It might "save" you .10 second, at most and it severely increases your risk of shooting yourself, which is already pretty high, when you're cracking .60 second for a one handed hip shot, with live ammo.and a cocked and locked SA auto. Never going to be able to carry openly in Illinois, so it made no sense to practice such stuff.

From ccw under a T shirt, one handed hip shots, hitting the chest at arm's length, run under .80 second, starting hands at sides. Getting to Weaver for an eye level, 2 handed point shot run under. 90 second. From true concealment, worn at the navel, FBI cant, , not an obvious gunbutt bulging at the appendix position, those are excellent times. A "bump" of leather or plastic, mounted on the trigger guard area of the rig, causes the gunbutt to be tucked into the navel when the belt is tightened. the buckle has to be offset, cause it will end up tearing up your fingers when practicing such draws. If you have belly hair, it will have to be shaved, cause you'll end up pulling some of it out, with it pinched between the gun and your fingers. Because the gun is so tightly held against the body, the draw is slowed down about .10 second.

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