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BigBassMan 02-03-2020 07:34 PM

65 degrees today, range time! Shot 45 Colt. Set up a different tool head an shell plate for the 45acp Star, loads them a hell of a lot faster than the turret press. Can switch in seconds from acp to long colt. Sighted both model 25 Smiths in with 8.5 Unique. Also shot model 19 an 14 Smiths. One mag. out of a 365. Made a lot of empty brass. A great day to be outside.
Found another HiPower Friday, will pick it up Wend. Dammed three day wait. Very good price.

Garand 02-04-2020 03:30 AM

I had dental surgery, an infected tooth removed. During the winter months its Wednesday morning at the indoor range, something about all the snow we have.

BigBassMan 02-04-2020 05:37 AM

Snow! I bought a new snowblower an no snow since. Like having insurance. Hope it stays unused.

BigEd 02-04-2020 08:18 AM

Never hardly get any snow least when it's wanted vacation times around Christmas.

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