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sweep your coattail back too soon=jail

the loss of your ccw permit, etc. The charge will be "brandishing" a gun. If you can't see trouble coming early enough to put your hand in your pants pocket, well, there's no hope for you anyway. It only takes 3/4 second to do so. Once your hand is on that gun, you're at least 1/4 second faster than any ccw draw and for most people, it's half a second faster, while remaining discrete. Some places and times, it's un-noticed if you do so and highly advisable as a general principle, like in convenience stores at night, parking lots, public restrooms, There's no place to carry a pistol concealed on your belt or in a shoulder rig, while also carrying a rifle and a pack, but the front pants pocket holster is always feasible in cammies or cargo pants.

With the speed safety lever fixed, the trigger overtravel stop, the finger curve of the extended mag removed, the pull reduced to a crisp 4 lbs, the little Sig is an amazingly efficient tool, to 10 yds or so. It'll hit much further, of course, but you have to slow down quite a bit to do so, if you want guaranteed chest hits. It hits at least twice as hard as a makarov or 38 snub, and repeat hits twice as fast as the snubby can, while looking like a wallet in the pocket. I can react to the beep, hands at sides, draw from the pants pocket holster and get two hits on the chest at 10 ft, in 2.0 seconds or less. That's fast as the average cop can get ONE such hit, from a concealed belt rig that's worn under a shirt, faster than any one can manage with a shoulder rig, too.

Given the hand on gun start, I can beat the drop. Meaning that I can side step as I draw from the pocket, and get a chest hit at 10 ft, reliably in .70 second, with .20 second of that being my reaction time to the timer's beep. So the actual move takes .50 second. it'lltake you .20 second to realize that I'm moving, .20 second to decide what to so about it, 20 second more to move your gun hand to my new position, and you'll get shot before you can do all that. I' willlingly give up the 1.0 second react, draw and hit time from the belt rig, under a shirt, to get the 1.8 second time to react, draw from the pocket rig and hit, so as to have that "beat the drop" speed, while remaining discrete.

if he's TOLD you to take your hand out of your pocket, "hand it over', etc, he at least expects to see your hand move and may well expect to see your hand come out of the pocket with SOMEHING in it. This delays his ability to judge whats going on, buying you another .10 second, as you slowly remove the gun from the pocket holster, ensuring that there's no snagging, nor a missed safety lever or bad grasp on the gun.

Depending upon how you dress and your body contours, using a backpocket holster is feasilbe with some pants, especially cammies, if you remove the rear flap, of course. I have found that you cant (and shouldn't anyway) have your thumb in the high mount position atop of a speed safety when making a pocket draw. It makes for too much bulk in your pocket. Instead, keep the thumb in low and tight to the gun, until the gun comes out of the pocket. There'ws plenty of time to disengage the safety as the gun is driven forward and up.

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Can we see a video of you doing this using a timer? Without actually seeing this on video, it is hard to believe your claim on times.
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Never, ever, has gun kid posted a picture/video of any sort. It's all BS from beginning to end.
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Sweeping a coat or shirt back and momentarily exposing a lawfully carried CCW is not "Brandishing." If it's an open carry state like a lot are now it's not even noteworthy. When's the last time you legally carried a concealed weapon? Oh, that's right, never.
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In AZ open carry and Concealed carry are both legal without a permit.

In most states, accidental exposure of a CCW is not even an issue.

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