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The Hot .380

I'm going to switch my carry guns to .380 caliber handguns since it has been proven without a doubt that a. .380 fired from a 3" barrel has the muzzle energy and stopping power of a .45 ACP. I'm getting rid of the CZ97b and using the LCPII as an EDC now.
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I never said that blow back 380's which facotry ammo has to be safe in, are waf. They dont expand a jhp, altho they COULD< if you handloaded the 85 gr silvertip to 1100+ fps in a full sized 380. That's still just 200 ft lbs, tho. The aluminum jacket, lube and hollowbase let it get much more velocity, at the same pressures, as a 90 gr jhp, while also reliably expanding at lower velocities. Winchester wussy loads it at 900 fps., tho, so it's nothing. Beating .45 ball, (from a 3" barreled .45) aint hard, since it's only got 250 ft lbs and wastes at least 1/3rd of that on the far side of the target. It's still pathetic. A locked breech 380 can deliver 350 ft lbs, which is more than can be said of typical .45 ammo in 3" barrels, or the 125 gr 9mms, either. The reason to use a 380 is to have something tiny and lw. A big, heavy 380 is a contradiction, other than for the disabled.

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Originally Posted by boati View Post
...The reason to use a 380 is to have something tiny and lw...
On that we agree.

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