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Pistol red dots

With their rising popularity and the fact that I have one pistol with a factory-ready slide, Iím considering a pistol red-dot sight. Never used one on a pistol, but am intrigued by the idea. I know very little about them other than what is to be seen on youtube and gun forums, so donít have a particular one in mind.

The consensus seems to be that the Trijicon RMR is the toughest, but the fact that you have to remove it to replace the battery makes it a no-go for me. Right or wrong, ďitís only every year or twoĒ, etc; donít care ó for me, thatís a deal-killer.

None of the other open-style dots seem to get the toughness points that most people give the RMR, and the closed Aimpoint Acro is substantially heavier; which I would assume would be VERY noticeable on a reciprocating pistol slide. So with the very-limited knowledge I have of these things, I donít see an obvious winner.

Short version ó what would be the recommendation for a very-rugged, very reliable pistol red-dot sight, that you donít have to remove from the gun every time the battery needs changing..?
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I bought a spare 1911 slide and mounted a red dot, back in the mid '90's, a couple of years before I quit shooting IPSC. I tried it for a good portion of a season and never could get used to it on a handgun. I have a dedicated upper on my AR 15 with a red dot for those 3 gun matches that are "quick & dirty". Given the number of iron sighted handguns I owned vice the 1 slide that had a red dot, flipping back and forth from "watching the front sight" to watching the dot, just slowed me down.
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I can relate to that; I'm sure there would be a learning curve. But I'm measurably faster with a red dot than iron sights on a carbine, so I can't help but wonder if the same might (eventually) be true on a handgun as well.

Just now starting to ponder it seriously. Probably won't do anything on it anytime soon.
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Have a TruGlo on a model 41 Smith barrel, takes a lot of getting used to but will shoot some nice tight groups. Left on, battery life is great. Was on for five months by accident an still bright.
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I have a E-otec on my Colt LE6920 and a Tru Glo on my Ruger PC I like them both for quick shooting. I used a friends .45 Kimber with a red dot, I don't remember the brand, and found it slower to use then fiber optic. I might feel differently if I shot it more, but I don't think so.

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