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Initial review of Pale Horse ďA+Ē aiwb holster

I recently acquired a holster from a maker who I wasnít previously familiar with; Pale Horse concealment. Itís their ďA+Ē appendix holster, which is much like a Sidecar, Agis, or Axis style holster; holding the gun plus a spare mag for aiwb carry.

Fwiw, the owner was very easy to work with. He didnít actually offer this particular holster for the particular gun I wanted it for (Kahr PM9/CM9), although he did make the gun-only version of the holster. When I contacted him to see if he would, it turned out he didnít have the magazine mold for that gun. Canít fault him for that; nobody that I found - anywhere - offered this type of holster for this particular gun. Itís just not popular enough, but I personally like it a lot. Regardless, I offered to send him one of my mags so he could make his mold, and so a new product came to fruition; good for him and me both. Turnaround time was very good. I had it in my hands in only a week or so, which is very good for a made-to-order item like this.

Finished holster:

Itís certainly not a high-capacity gun by today's ubertactical run-and-gun standards, but in my personal situation, having eight rounds of +P 9mm in the gun and a spare seven-round magazine right there at hand is completely within my personal comfort zone; ymmv obviously.

One of the reasons I do like the gun so well, is how thin and light it is. Itís less than an inch thick and (fully loaded with 8 rounds of 100-grain corbon) weighs just 19.5 ounces; yet gives me more rounds, with more power each, than the big heavy 1911 that I carried in the 80's and 90's.

This pic is next to a glock 19 in a similar holster for comparison. The Kahr PM/CM is simply a very-concealable gun, for the caliber and capacity it offers:

At even a quick glance, it's easy to see that if a person wanted, carrying the gun with a flush magazine (giving up just one round of capacity) would make it even more concealable; hugely more concealable than most other guns that carry a serious, duty-caliber round.

I've only been using The Pale Horse A+ for about three weeks now, but so far am very happy with it. No real problem getting acclimated to this type of carry, as I've already been carrying this gun aiwb for a year & a half or two years; but in a velcro-attached K-Rounds tuckable. Never used this particular style before. I can't really explain why this style of holster works as well as it does, but this holster (with the spare magazine included) is every bit as concealable, and actually more comfortable, than the gun-only holster I'd been using until now.

Especially considering that it's $30-$50 less than the Sidecar, Axis, and many similar holsters, I recommend it for consideration if you're in the market for an appendix holster of this type. As I use it more, I'll likely post updates, but so far, am very pleased with it.

Their webpage:
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I just read thru that and wanted to clarify one thing. On being ‘every bit as concealable’ compared to the K-Rounds, it obviously gives up the ‘tuckable’ aspect. Granted, it’s an apples and oranges thing; just wanted to make that clarification.

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