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3G S&W Fans... ?

I was a 3rd gen S&W auto fan for many years. 1911s, SiG P-series, and CZ variants made up my carry rotation while I rejected the "Wunder9" and polymer booms all the way up until about 5 yrs ago.

Plastic Euro-trash like HK, Walther, SiG, and Springfield XDMs crept their way into my small collection (SA is an American company which imports the XD line from Croatia. SiG is a German company that builds guns here. I left out my SW99 because it's heritage confuses the term "euro-trash").

Anyway... within the last year I've declared myself "full-up" on plastic fantastics and started picking up old SW autos. I'm only at 3 so far, a 5904, a 4006, and a 4013TSW. The nicer 45s and 10s are still trading pretty high but on my radar big-time.

Anybody else into these "relics" besides me?
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