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Another Glock in the stable!


It's been a couple of years since I have owned a Glock. My normal legal concealed weapon of choice has been my Kahr CW-9 and I like that handgun a lot! However, I recently got into a trade/sell/barter situation at the LGS and decided that I really wanted another Glock. Over the many, many combinations available, I decided I wanted "another" G-19. Why? Because its compact, uglier than sin, and I can shoot them well!

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Congrats. I’ve become a fan of kahrs over the past six/seven years, and the glock19 is a phenomenal workhorse pistol for anything from ccw to open duty carry to competition use.
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I have only one Glock, the Generation 3 G21. A very accurate and completely reliable .45 although I let it take a back seat to my CZ97. In 9MM I favor the CZ's also. For some reason I dislike hammerless.
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I may stumble somewhat accidentally into a glock in the next few days. One of our techs came in this morning asking me for my opinion on a pistol he bought from a buddy who's selling off a bunch of 'junk'. It was a G22 in pretty good shape with one magazine and he paid $200 for it. He says the seller had a 9mm as well, but he wanted to stay with the "police" caliber and so bought the .40 version. I asked him to see if the seller still has the 9mm; we'll see if it turns into anything. Definitely have the sheriff (a friend) run the serial to make sure it's not stolen.

I'm not actively looking to buy anything right now, but still hard to pass up that good a deal on a gun that's a platform and caliber I already shoot.
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Interesting as I first picked up a used khar CW 9 and unfortunately the trigger guard and trigger along with grip angle make it difficult for me with my borderline XXL sized hands.

Odd as I shot smaller khar models ( mk9 & cw40 IIRC )and had no trouble hitting the target. They are nice pistols and are very well made but the CW size ones just don't work for me.

But,. I also found a slightly used Glock 43 with a tritium front sight. So that's on layaway and the Khar is bring sold to a friend of mine.
His daughter may end up with it when she gets her carry permit.

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