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Why do you think old Melvin spent the best years of his life in jail, gun stuff an dope.
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The last point I was trying to make about .22's is that I'm sure we will all get to an age where we can't handle our favorite centerfire caliber due to age, frailty, sickness, etc............
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Originally Posted by BigBassMan View Post
suppressed? Not with screen wire an duct tape I hope!
you're the only one dumb enough to involve duct tape and you were very happy with the performance of the .22 can I made for you, you lying pos.
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yeah, you;'re pussy enough to just give up your gun rights. I'm not. The M21 and the PT22 badly need highly polished chambers, that are kept well lubricated and clean. If not, they'll fail to eject, cause they have no extractors. I dont trust one unless I've welded a steel cap onto the top rear of the slide and fitted an extractor to it. Need the extra weight anyway, to keep the slide from blowing open too soon, letting a lot of noise out of the breech when a silencer is employed. Also need the extra metal to dovetail in a real rear sight. Heat-bend the M21s trigger enough to get rid of the DA-overtravel, extend the thumb safey forward by 3/4", fit the longer, pinkie-extension Taurus mag to the M21 and add the 1/2" longer, threaded barrel with the thread protector. Caseharden the male and female threads, put a Sig front sight in a dovetail in the protector and you'll have an
amazingly accurate, 11 oz, 5.5" long gun. Of course, having a competent smith do all this for you is going to cost you at least $1000, cause it takes all day.

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