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converting the M21's barrel flip-lever to a slidelock

took half a day to figure out and perfect. The end of the slide-lock that engages the slide and the slide notch at that point had to be case-hardened, of course. and that means that you have to have a mandrel in the slide rails, and heat control gel, or you'll warp the slide with the torch heat. When you case harden the threads on the barrel, you have to have the heat-gel inside the bore, or heat-scale will rough up your rifling grooves. All in all, the canned m21, given its accuracy, reliability, level of suppression, size and weight, was a very satisfying achievement. One of a kind, rendered with mine own hand. It really bugged me to have to bury that can and the AR can in CO, but it turned out to have been a very wise decision. Someday, somebody will dig them up.on my ex's property. Maybe she'll catch a fed case for possession. it would serve her right.

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