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boati 08-19-2019 08:05 AM

ol garand is such a second hander
started 2 threads in the past year. :-) Must be a really effed-up situation, to utterly lack having an original thought in your entire life.

John in AR 08-19-2019 11:39 AM

Perhaps he's actually living life beyond the internet...? Personal fixations are almost always unhealthy.

John in AR 08-19-2019 01:35 PM

[QUOTE=John in AR;293153]Perhaps he's actually living life beyond the internet...? Personal fixations are almost always unhealthy.[/QUOTE]

Case in point - while typing my response in the "first ruger .22 hgs that I silenced" thread, I was served with a subpoena to provide security information regarding a customer going thru criminal proceedings. That's one of the costs of being in the business of protecting people and their property - sometimes you have to document to a prosecutor and judge just who did what with the alarm system in the middle of the night.

The FedEx guy dropped off a tractor ballast box today, that I'll probably work on tonight; modifying slightly and then filling with ~600 lbs of concrete to make the tractor more stable when using the front end loader.

This morning, an insurance company rep was here renewing our employees' policies and misc information.

Life isn't all about sitting around, angrily trying to think of something snarky to post on the web. For people with actual busy lives, the internet takes a back seat to real life. Maybe take a break from the web John..? Read a book, take a walk, look for a job..? Surely someone who can leg-press a half ton multiple times can get a job...

John in AR 08-20-2019 05:16 AM

Fwiw John, I modified the ballast box a little differently than I'd originally planned, and took part of the space meant for concrete & turned it into a small storage area in it, to carry tools, choke straps (for trees), water bottles, whatever. Meant I ended up with a finished weight of only ~562 lbs instead of near 700, but I think it'll work well. If need be, I can always add more weight on top in the form of added concrete or steel plates or even fill in that space I kept seperate; but I don't know that that will be necessary. I suspect it'll work ok as it is; time will tell.

Point being, after working all day at work yesterday, I worked in the heat outside the house last night, manhandling & modifying a 132-lb steel box, mixing concrete, and filling the box in. That meant I didn't spend last night on the internet, but it's more gratifying to actually accomplish something on a regular basis than to cruise the web nonstop in search of a life. That ballast box will make the tractor safer and more stable in use, it will last my lifetime and my kids' lifetimes, and it's done. Building for the future - even at our age, it's a cool feeling.

Garand 08-20-2019 01:52 PM

Well Melvin, I spent the weekend at a match, unfortunately without internet, shot clean on Saturday 6 stages, on Sundays 6 stages, I had 1 miss each on the first 3 stages. Came 24th out of 75 shooters, 3rd in my Category. Did you do any shooting Melvin? Yesterday and today has been cleaning guns and reorganizing kit for the next match in Montana in 2 weeks. Tomorrow, 3 of us retired guys are going to the range, spend the morning shooting bianchi plates, the lunch and a couple of beers. Melvin, I have a life!

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