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justme 07-31-2016 03:54 PM

when she gets her august loan
get set up to make and sell the brass piloted bits for Form 1 silencer makers to buy and thus, be able to counterbore and tap their (and their buddies) 22 barrels for my silencer design. Once one of them has made and tested such a can, and shown the others the superiority of it, they'll all want one. guaranteed. i've never once fired one a couple of times in a guy's presence and had him ask anything but "how much".? :-) They are one of the coolest toys in existence.

About $35 each. No machineshop would make a "one off" variant for less than $50, sell at least 1k per year, and maybe 10x that many, too. :-) My design is really a superior set up. There's no need to move the front sight, no problems with a slide that covers the barrel, no need to remove the barrel from guns that have the barrel welded into the frame, or for which barrel removal/replacement is a big job, no need to send off your barrel (gone for a month, maybe stolen in shipment) No need for anyone to know that you have a gun (much less want to thread its barrel) . 5 minutes and the barrel is counterbored and threaded, can is screwed on and test-fired. Anyone with such a drill bit can charge $20 per counterbore and the buyers will be thrilled. However, the brass is worn down badly enough that 4-5 bores is all you get, before the brass pilot has to be replaced. Still, you spend $35 and shipping, say $40, get $60 from your buds, for 15 minute's work. Not bad, $80 an hour. :-) The lack of such a drill bit is the only thing keeping silenced .22's off of every street corner in the country. :-)

Terry G 07-31-2016 04:00 PM

And then you wake up.

justme 07-31-2016 04:49 PM

we'll see, punk.

John in AR 07-31-2016 05:03 PM

I'm all in favor of entrepreneurship, but other than having brass on the pilot tip, what's different about your design from a normal gunsmithing pilot bit?


justme 07-31-2016 06:26 PM

the brass is THE thing, protecting the rifling ahead of where you're drilling. The bit you show here will ruin that rifling. If you're installing a barrel liner, you don't care about that part, cause you will be boring it all the way down the length of the barrel. But for the 1" deep counterbore for my can design, you're not. So you DO need to care about what the pilot is doing to your rifling. understand?

justme 07-31-2016 06:32 PM

i see that my price needs to be $50, not $35. Thanks, John! :-) I can buy the bits for $1 each, shipped, if I buy a gross at a time. The manufacturing takes about an hour each, but mass production, a drill post grinder, etc, will cut that in half. So I pay somebody $10 an hour and I"ve got $6 each in them. The standard for making money is retail being at least 4x your manufacturing costs. But that's assuming sales to wholesalers, which is not my case.

justme 07-31-2016 06:36 PM

I can probably sell a replacement service for the brass pilot sleeve, for $15 and shipping. :-)

John in AR 07-31-2016 06:44 PM

I do understand. I'm not a gunsmith and didn't click that that particular bit was a liner-prep item. What about just using a normal pilot bit with a sub-.22 pilot & have a local machine shop add brass (or whatever soft metal) onto the existing pilot. I'd imagine if you had them do up fifty or a hundred of them, it wouldn't be that expensive and you'd have your initial stock.

Might not be enough margin in them to be profitable on the initial run, but it would let you see how viable they'd be in the marketplace.

justme 07-31-2016 06:52 PM

a couple of you tube guys, for years now, have been sellling adapters to make oil filters fit on gun barrels, and also selling "solvent traps" to fit on gun barrels. What they say is "if you intend to use our product to make silencers, etc, you must first obtain a $200 Federal Tax stamp from ATF, submit your fingerprints and picture (and the process takes several months to complete"). That is apparently enough to protect them from any conspiracy prosecutions. A simple piloted drill bit is nothing of the kind, of course. it's for installing your own variant of a .22 muzzlebrake, like this.


so you can use a normally priced .22lr pistol to practice the olympic .22 rapidfire event (normally shot with muzzle weighted, .22 short pistols and special ammo.

justme 07-31-2016 06:58 PM

I could never pay machineshop fees. Those guys don't like to even talk to you unless you lay a $20 bill in their hand, for 10 minutes of chatting. I can do it all by hand/eye except for the final cleanup cut on the pilot, which has to be done in the lathe. That takes about 20 seconds each, so I can pay $50 to have that done to a gross of them.

justme 07-31-2016 07:02 PM

you have to put heat control paste on the drill bit when you silver solder on the brass, or you'll ruin the cutting edge of the drill bit. The cleanup cut on the brass pilot has to be done after you solder on the brass, cause for solder to hold, you have to have .005" space between the parts. That's plenty of room to cause unacceptable error in alignment of the hole, so you can't just make the brass (finished size) in advance and just solder it onto the bit. You'll lose the very alignment insurance of which you're seeking to assure yourself.

Garand 07-31-2016 09:30 PM

She gets her August Loan, Melvin goes to jail in September, wifey applies for divorce in October. Only question is, what happens in November?

justme 08-01-2016 05:28 AM

I"ll be posting here in Novemenber, cause there's nothing illegal involved. po lil garand can't handle it, never has been able to score a single point, ever, while I just keep on improving. Sucks to be you, dont it.?

Garand 08-01-2016 08:43 AM

Melvin, the simple fact is that I don't believe that you are capable of living a legal lifestyle, generally all of your "get rich" quick schemes eventually involve doing something illegal.

Terry G 08-01-2016 01:28 PM

[QUOTE=justme;242161]I"ll be posting here in Novemenber, cause there's nothing illegal involved. po lil garand can't handle it, never has been able to score a single point, ever, while I just keep on improving. Sucks to be you, dont it.?[/QUOTE]If 20 year old wifey is going to be so fabulously wealthy, what does she need an unemployed 64 year old ex-ex-ex- convict for?

BigBassMan 08-01-2016 04:22 PM

If you drill a barrel like that, what does it do to accuracy when the bullet jumps that gap after something is screwed in?

justme 08-12-2016 03:18 PM

I did it on a 1022 that I shortened to have the joint be hidden under the barrel-band. I never got to scope it, it was on its way to S America, actually, but it grouped as well from offhand as any iron sighted .22 ever did for me, about 1" at 25 yds. A mechanic friend of mine welded inside of something for the trip.

I've killed a ton of critters with handguns that I probably would have done well to reliably hit a 3" disk at 25 yds. I've killed a fair amount with a bow, with which I did well to group 8" at that range, as a kid. All this "extreme accuracy needed for hunting" is the baloney. I've killed half a dozen chucks and coons with clubs, one with a 7" Bowie. Killed one chuck with my overshoes. Took it off, left my shoe in it (I was 13) flailed on his head until he looked dizzy enough that I dared to grab his tail and crack his head on the oiled backroad, west of Chesterfield, before you get to Macoupin Creek Bridge. My BIL dropped me off to try, there were no other weapons available. had to carry it 1/4 mile. He couldn't believe it, but he knew damned well I'd had no other weapon and my overshoe was torn/ruined. :-)

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