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ever TRIED any rapidfire, long range/bolt?

it can't be done, beyond a very few shots, cause you get so much mirage off of the hot barrel that you can't hit anything. That's one of the reasons the aR is so popular. you can shoot 500 prairie dogs per day with it, at 200+ yds. it's built to HANDLE lots of firing heat. No bolt action even comes close.
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What aspect of a bolt-action makes its barrel get inherently hotter than a same-caliber semiauto rifle?
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Barrel an gas tube gets hot fast, RED HOT
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Ever shot 180 rds through a Garand in an extremely short period of time? The wood starts to smoke!
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A AR barrel gets too hot to touch after one magazine of fairly rapid fire. So does a bolt fired rapidly after about 20 shots. What's the difference?

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