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did frontiersmen use bows, have shotguns?

of course not. The bow thing takes too much time and is too limited, and they could not afford more than one longarm per man (normally per family) yet they got it all done. The gun industry has rotted your brain to the point that you honestly BELIEVE that you just gotta have half a dozen longarms to do much of anything.

You have slurped down their bs to the point that you deride me for saying that a gun that's 10x more versatile and efficient than a ky rifle, Sharps, trapdoor, 44-40 lever, ever were can't possibly be enough. So not a lot of small game was shot with cartridge arms, cause people couldn't afford to waste the money on such ammo/game. Old, low $ muzzleloaders were used, along with traps, for most small game taking, and nobody had anything like as much long range ability as the scoped, shorty AR offers. At the ranges that a ky rifle or Hawken could take elk, moose or a great bear, the shorty AR can brain them. And if you're going to make the argument that the bow could be used, the AR can brain such critters at 3-4x the range that they can reliably be taken with arrows.

. 22 lr was not available til 1890+ and by then, the West was won, basically. The only necessary thing the Silenced, scoped, luminous sighted shorty AR and .22 unit can't do is be concealed and also ready to fire in less than one second. So there has to also be a pistol in the mix.

with subsonic .22 ammo, the .22 conversion, the shorty AR is many times better for taking small game than the shotgun, when the woods are likely to be full of well armed, desperate people. Until shtf, however, the silencer laws make having this advantage an expensive pita.

To me, the stalk and taking small game or birds with a .22lr handgun is far more enjoyable and certainly more challenging than using a shotgun on them. clay bird shooting, sure, it's fun, but it's expensive, and soon, boring, cause it's always the same. If you want competition, why not compete at something that changes and might actually benefit you (ie combat pistol matches)?

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Originally Posted by justme View Post
...you honestly BELIEVE that you just gotta have half a dozen longarms to do much of anything...
We've had this discussion before; many times. Many people DON'T believe you need a half-dozen long guns, but some of have them because we enjoy them.

As I've said many times before - I don't "need" more than one pair of shoes, but I have them. I don't "need" air-conditioning in my truck, but I have it.

Frankly a lot of the things that most of us own nowadays, we really don't need. But why does it make you so angry if we do?
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The answer is very simple. Jealousy.
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Melvin is a very jealous man due to the fact that he wasted his like in prison.

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