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can shoot well, pistol upside down,

in slowfire. Plenty good enough to hit 8" plates at 10 yds. I can hit them, at 5 yds, gun upside down and pulling the trigger with my pinkie finger. It's not hard, once you understand sight alignment and trigger control.
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But, but, ....... 'Why' would you want to do that?

Holy crap! GunKid, is that you!
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Pistolero - I agree that it's not particularly practical for defensive or combat applications but sometimes it's entertaining just to experiment; even if it's just seeing what you & your buddies can do.

That said, five yards isn't really a stretch. At that range, sights are almost moot anyway imo - if a person shoots their pistol enough that he's very comfortable with it.

Jerry Miculek, popping a balloon at 400 yards with a 9mm revolver; two out of four:

Miculek again. Only 200 yards this time, but doing it with a 2" J-frame snubnose, shot double-action, one-handed:
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Officer Survival course I took taught a shooting position of lying on your back, arching with your head and shooting the pistol upside down. Difficulty? All in your head (pun intended) because the sight picture is the same.

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