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people typically aint tough. 22lr's enough, 1/2

of the time, and 3/4 of the time, you dont need to hit them with anything at all. just show your gun or maybe fire a miss or 2. this is IF you move fast enough, look determined enough, have enough space between you and the miscreant.

were this not true, you couldn't give away .25's, .32's, derringers, mini-revolvers, or pocket .22's, or so called "fighting knives" throwing stars and all the mumbo-jumbo. The ability to get 5+ hits per second, with 500+ ft lbs per hit, all in the chest, reliably, is only needed about 1 time in 20, of the 25% of the time that any hit at all is required. So, 19x out of 20, pretty lame skill and loads suffice. Which is why lame assed plinkers like garand can delude themselves about how "ready" they are

oftentimes, the shyte starts so close and is ON so fast, there's no time to draw a ccw'd belt gun. Such a draw, without reaction time, to a 1 handed hip shot, not adequate for more range than arm's length, takes a full 1/2 second, for ANYBODY, and most people, with real ccw (ie, under a shirttail) it's more like 1 full second. In half a second, you can take a long step and punch out a guy who is 2 arm's lengths a way. In a second, you can reach him at 10 ft. To ccw draw and hit (without the .20 second reaction time, now) at 10 ft in less than 1 second is A class skill level, so 90% of people aint got it. If you have real hand to hand skills, that should be your "go to" if crap starts at 6ft and less (and it usually does, if no gun is in the hand of the attacker)
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loads that most people "think" are waf vs men won't reliably stop a coon or a chuck. Loads that WILL reliably stop canines are valid in and of themselves, since so many dogs attack people every year. A load that WILL stop an adrenalized man has to be something very much on the order of full charge 357 (4") That has failed, with a chest hit, but only about 1 time in 10. Since you don't have to hit at all 3/4 of the time (or you have to deal with it hand to hand, due to space/time constraints) being 90% effective those 25% of the time incidents means that if you have a real load and real skill, you're going to be able to handle it 95% of the time with such a load. Sometimes, tho, you start too far behind the curve, or a real hit doesn't suffice. About 1 time in 50, no hit, not even a 12 ga, suffices (to the chest) and you can be shot/stabbed before you can draw (sometimes even before you're even aware that an attack on you has begun)
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