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I can do anything that needs doing (by a gun)

with just the silenced shorty AR, a 22 unit for same, the HP22 (both 5" and 3" barrels) and an SA pocket 9 (prefer the Kimber, due to the ducktail frame tang) But the pocket 9 can't stand up to lots of practice firing, so you either need 2 of them (and be ready to repair the practice-spare) or you do most of your practicing with a compact. plastic or alloy framed 9mm that has the same controls as your pocket 9. If your choice is SA, then the practice gun should be an alloy framed Commander 9mm. If you're a DAO guy, then your practice-spare should be a CW9 Kahr.

Sure, it's fun to shoot birds out of the air with a shotgun, but in order to do that, you have to lug around a noisy, obvious shotgun. It's a LOT more fun to sneak up and shoot them on the sit with a silenced .22 handgun. :-) it's also a lot more feasible to do that than it is to find an area where you can use the shotgun. The silenced 22 handgun can be used all year round, at night, etc. The .22 handgun can also be used to teach lessons to pos's, get rid of Big Bro's cameras, etc.

If it's shtf, the silenced AR and .22 unit are the way to go for small game (what can't be snared/trapped) You leave the gun in 223 firing 'mode", unless there's a good reason to swap to .22lr. If you have such a reason, swap, and as soon as the .22 job is done, you swap back to 223. If you need the gun quickly, you're likely to need the 223's power, range and penetration (and not care about the sonic crack of the full power ammo). If you are going to handle it with the .22lr, it's cause you've decided that it's either a foraging thing, or a simple removal of one, (unaware) enemy) at short range.

Once wifey has her Title II manufacturer's license, she's going to have the silenced AR, a silenced HP22 and probably also, a silenced Papoose takedown Marlin .22lr autorifle. She's quite petite, and for her to lug around the AR (and enough ammo to make it worth having) and the needed survival gear, water, food, etc, is pushing things pretty far. She'd probably have to settle for the 4 lbs of Papoose and a pocket 9. The noise of the pistol will bring me running. No more use than a pistol will have, if shtf, the silenced .22, along with the AR and .22 unit0 will probably be fine for. If we need something from a town, she can guard the stuff and the longarms, at a site near the edge of town, while I enter with nothing but the 2 pistols. If we have to pass thru the town, the longarms go out of sight into the packs. Ditto if we are hitching rides.

to make 3-4 guns suffice, tho, you have to be skilled and you have to give not a fig about bs laws, which takes a lot more balls than almost anyone's got.

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What if "wifey" isn't interested, or do her feelings not matter? You seem to do a lot of talking for "wifey". Have you had any luck with her digging your spider hole, because of your bad back?

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