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I set up a smithing shop in Joe's garage

back in 1980, blued quite a few 1911's there, cast a lot of bullets, too. Used a 20 lb propane tank and plumber's furnace as heat source. Joe welded together some flats of steel to make a little 10" square blueing tank for me. He's a grandmaster mechanic, can do more on cars with his eyes shut than anyone you ever heard of with their eyes open.
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What have you done since 1980??
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Had a lot of fun in that garage from the 70s till 2001 when I moved here, now down to a two car, everything that was in that big garage is here! Talk about full!
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I remember the problem with the header and wires getting shorted. Do you remember the little blonde who bought my 1911? I coached her for a few hours. She bought a .22 unit in her own, IIRC. She knew Handy. I spoke to Bill P a few weeks ago, he said Pam is having one of her spells. He always did blame me for that, but her family said it had been a problem long before I came along.

Remember the little roll pin punch. That was a TINY little shyte of a thing. It never occurred to me that they made them that small. :-)

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