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sure, everyone has 1k to waste

on something that they can make themselves, in half a day, with $100 spent at local machine and welding shops. wtf would anybody do that? People's wastefulness and willful ignorance is stupifying, actually. cry about the $200 difference in the price of this or that gun, and then blow 10-20k per year on stuff that doesn't mean a thing, like what you drive or what you live in.

ohhh, i can shoot 2" groups, at 25 yds, offhand, taking 5 minutes per group. Well, I can walk 25 yds, do the same group, total 10 seconds. wtf makes you think you'll have all dat to get your hits, hmm?
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You consider it wasted, others consider it buying quality kit. Different perspective in life, doesn't make it wrong. I never cry over the price of buying a firearm. I either consider the price reasonable in the current market, or I take a pass on it.

As for you shooting, please post pictures as we don't believe you.
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I don't consider buying a spacious home in the woods with my own firing range "wasted." Also, I spend money on reliable vehicles to get me from point A to point B, not to impress the neighbors. Living in a shared room in a run down motel and begging money at street corners is not a standard of living that I want. If I want something, I buy it. What difference does that make to you? Just envy?

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