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Jeff Cooper once kicked sand at me

cause I was doing splits, warming up in preparation for hurdling the 4 ft wall (in deep sand) a part of the modified Cooper assault course, in the 1978 IPSC US nat'ls, 1978. Jeff thought that such prep was a violation of the "spirit" of combat matches. I looked up at him and told him:"Sir, i'll put you on your butt". He looked dumbfounded, looked around to see if anyone had noticed, and walked away. I bet nobody had spoken to him like that since he was in OCS. :-) As he left, I was thinking:"Jesus, did I just say THAT, to Jeff Cooper'? :-) but then I had to get back to my preps. That bs might explain why I blew out my game plan, which might have been what he wanted, dunno.

I'd seen him do similar stuff and heard of many more such interventions by him. He one time used his thumb to wipe the carbon-blackening off of the rear sight of Raul walters's holstered 1911.. He also changed how a match was being run, mid-stream, many times, when it "wasn't working right". In the original design of the cooper Assault Course, there was a "weak line" marked on the ground in front of the tunnel. Once you crossed that line, you had to do your shooting with the weak hand only. Guys asked:" Ok then, why are you allowed to use both hands to crawl thru the tunnel"? Jeff looked perplexed, for a bit, consulted some of his buddies, and then moved the 'weak line" beyond the tunnel. :-) However, those who'd used their strong side hand to help them shoot (having fired earlier in the match) were not penalized nor made to re-fire the course. That was bs, right there.
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As I've said before; in person, Cooper was an asshat.
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many who knew him thought so

for a fact. it's amazing how many people "think" that he knew so much or that he was such a great guy. Most of his insights were derived from reading, or from his students themselves. He really could deliver tight groups from rollover prone, tho, I"ve seen him do it. Of course, I've been known to do so, too, just usually not when under pressure.

I once saw his gun dip sharply, when it was inadvertently empty and he was trying to fire it. I called to him, from my group, saying "Jeff, what that a PIP (post ignition push, as he called it, for control of recoil in rapidfire). He replied "what matters is where the bullet goes!". :-)

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